Civil Litigation


Tom Rand concentrates in civil litigation, which is all types of disputes between private parties. Mr. Rand also does DUI and traffic cases, and occasionally, other types of criminal cases.


Thomas Rand is a lawyer who has considerable experience in civil litigation in courts in Maryland and D.C., including contract disputes over real estate developments and commercial projects, other types of real property cases, and homeowners' association disputes. Thomas Rand was an attorney in one of the largest dollar cases in Montgomery County, Maryland in the 1980's, a dispute over a sale contract for a 400+ acre farm to be developed in upper Montgomery County, with a contract over 35 pages long, involving a host of re-zoning contingencies and many other complexities. At 26 years old, with only three years' experience practicing law, Mr. Rand argued a summary judgment motion in this multi-million dollar case against a top notch lawyer with twenty years' experience, who became a federal judge, and was a former president of both the Montgomery County and Maryland Bar Associations. If you think you might become embroiled in a serious civil litigation matter, you should seek legal advice immediately. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" does not apply only to medicine. 

This website does not attempt to explain current law or to give legal advice on civil litigation.
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