Family Law, Divorce, Custody & Child Support


Tom Rand has considerable experience in divorce, child custody and child support cases in the Rockville courthouse in Montgomery County, as well as trial experience in the Counties of Howard, Prince George's, and the District of Columbia.


The right philosophy on divorce cases is that they should be settled as quickly as reasonably possible. This doesn't mean giving away the store, and sometimes it's necessary for a lawyer to draw a line in the sand and litigate a divorce or custody case. If that happens, though, the attorneys end up with a huge portion of the family assets. If you have children, there is a special downside: the cultivation of deep bitterness and hatred toward a person whom you will have to see in some fashion and deal with for the rest of your life, or for as long as your children are alive. Even after children turn eighteen years old, there are still occasions where you and your former spouse will cross paths, such as college graduations, certain holidays, children's weddings, grandchildren's baptisms, etc. Because of these factors, Tom Rand tries to get these cases resolved quickly (sometimes that still means taking a very hard position early; every divorce or custody case must be addressed differently, depending on many circumstances).


If you hate your husband or wife, and want to cause him or her as much pain as possible, no matter what the cost, then Mr. Rand is the wrong lawyer for the job, because it is contrary to his philosophy. If this description of his philosophy about divorce and custody cases rings true, however, please call his Rockville office for an appointment.