Personal Injury/Car Accidents


You deserve fair compensation, and Tom Rand has the skill and experience to get it for you.


No one would ever volunteer to be hurt in an automobile accident, just to get a relatively paltry sum after the doctors and lawyers take their cut. Nonetheless, the insurance companies love this myth. Tom Rand has extensive experience in fighting to obtain reasonable compensation for injury victims in car accident and motor vehicle tort cases.


Negligence lawsuits, including suits arising from car accidents, are a type of tort law case that boils down to a seemingly simple question: did someone exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would use under the same circumstances? Vehicle accident cases, however, in order to answer that question, often involve complicated traffic and motor vehicle laws; and insurance companies often dispute the accident victim's need for, and cost of, medical treatment and medical bills that were incurred because of other people's negligence.