Drunk Driving, DUI or DWI


The days when a person arrested for drunk driving, DUI, or DWI could expect a wink or a slap on the wrist are long gone. Today, the courts, state's attorneys, and police take drunk driving very seriously. In Maryland, the offense of drunk driving used to be known as DWI, for "driving while intoxicated." Now, the technically correct term is DUI, for "driving under the influence" or "driving while impaired."


If you are arrested for drunk driving (DUI or DWI), you should find a DUI DWI lawyer as soon as possible. In Maryland, you only have ten days from the date of the DUI or DWI arrest to request an MVA hearing that could help prevent your license being suspended; if the request is made after ten days, there is no guarantee that your temporary license will not expire. If the request isn't made within thirty days, the suspension cannot be lifted or modified.      


Indeed, drunk driving is no laughing matter. Judges and prosecutors, and even defense attorneys, tend now to view DUI, DWI and drunk driving cases in the light of the danger of death and severe injury that a drunk driver can cause on the roads and highways of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Tom Rand has seen and noted this view by police and judges in the courts in Montgomery County, MD, Carroll County, MD, Prince George's County, MD, Frederick County, MD, Baltimore County, MD and Anne Arundel County, MD, as well as judges in Washington, D.C. Even where a DUI DWI drunk driving charge does not involve an accident or an injury, a good DWI DUI lawyer recognizes that the underlying issue is always the serious risk that an accident, injury or even death might have occurred. Whether or not one has taken the breathalyzer and/or PBT test, there are going to be different sets of problems with the courts and the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration; the MVA will proceed with administrative penalties even if your DUI or DWI case is dismissed, gains a "PBJ" or otherwise does not result in a conviction.


Tom Rand has a lot of experience handling DUI, DWI cases and MVA hearings in Montgomery County, the Maryland metro area and D.C. He takes every case very seriously, giving it the full time, attention to detail and preparation needed to get you the best possible outcome. Tom Rand has a commitment to do his best for every client, and because every time he is in court, his reputation is on the line, he wants to make the best impression possible on the court and opposing counsel. If Tom Rand catches a police officer in a mistake, he is not afraid to challenge the officer by asking, "Didn't they teach you that at the academy?"


If you run into trouble with drunk driving, a DWI, or DUI, you do not have to call Tom Rand, but do call an attorney as soon as possible.