Frequently Asked Questions


What do you charge for an initial consultation?


The initial consultation is usually $200 for one hour (pro-rated if less time is spent).


What type of fee arrangements do you offer?


This usually depends upon the type of case or work involved. For most civil litigation, the charge is on an hourly basis, with an advance payment required. For personal injury cases, the fee is typically a contingency fee, for a percentage of the settlement or award. For wills, uncontested divorces, DWI and traffic matters, the charges are on a flat-fee basis. On some collection and other matters, the fee can be a mixed hourly rate/contingency fee arrangement.


What are your charges for flat-fee cases?*


Wills - $500 . DWI - $1500 (assumes first-time DUI/DWI, district court only, MVA hearing $500). Uncontested Divorce - $1200 (plus court filing fees).


* It is not recommended that you choose a lawyer who appears to have the cheapest rate.


Do you charge for incidentals such as telephone toll charges, faxes, copies?


These types of expenses are generally considered to be part of the attorney fees charged. If a third-party copy service is used, for instance, the actual charges by the provider will be billed, with no mark-up.